Isabel Holds a Winning Hand

She Has a Heart for Art and Seniors in Need

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Meet Isabel
Student, Artist & Fundraiser

When Isabel Wall and the other 10th graders at Paisley IB Magnet School received the assignment to complete a “personal project” representative of something they were passionate about, she decided that she wanted to do something that would raise money for Senior Services, an organization she knows well, having visited it often from the time she was a little girl. Isabel referred to the fact that her mother has been working for Senior Services for more than 23 years and explained, “I’ve grown up watching all these people take care of older adults and seeing how important it is. I hope my project will raise money for Meals-on-Wheels, for Home Care and to help other adults keep living at home.”

The fundraiser that Isabel decided on combined her artistic talent with her concern for local seniors in need. “Art is the way I express my creativity,” she said, describing how she settled on the concept of creating a series of note cards to sell. She illustrated the cards with blooms from the dogwood tree and cotton plant, which she selected because of their ties to the state of North Carolina. Isabel noted that she had chosen this particular project because “not only is it using a talent I work very hard on and am very passionate about but is also going to an organization that I’ve grown up around and am also very passionate about.”

She created four different designs, and two of each are combined in one package. The eight-card collection sells for $10.00. The printing was done courtesy of Goslen Printing, so all proceeds go directly to Senior Services. The cards can be purchased at Senior Services. For more information, call 336-725-0907.

To find out more about Isabel and her project—and hear about it directly from her—click here.

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