One-on-One Visits and Call Opportunities

There are several ways to engage and connect seniors who have difficulty leaving their homes with the community around them. With an emphasis on continued growth as we age, this program seeks creative ways to tap into the interests, knowledge, and abilities of seniors participating in Senior Services’ programs.

This initiative is aimed at finding personally meaningful engagement activities to combat the three plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom, which often lead to depression and increased medical challenges among seniors.

Volunteers are participating with seniors in a variety of fun and meaningful activities such as:

  • Friendly One-on-One Visits
  • Telephone Connection Calls 
  • Art Lessons
  • Assist with Technology
  • Rooted in Love Plant deliveries
  • IMPROVment seated dance and movement activity

What is it like to visit with a participant?

COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Volunteers

Volunteer and participant safety is of the utmost importance to Senior Services.

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